[EVA] End Of Evangelion: Holy crap am i confused... SPOILER WARNING

Ebj ebj.nerv at flashnet.it
Thu May 29 12:49:15 EDT 2003

> I think that the un-textureness of the inside of Asuka's arm was
> Unit-02's arm was splitted by a Loginus Lance replica. The Lance's
> special property was that it was the only weapon that can penetrate
> Fields.

Countered by the show: such a property is also diplayed by the
positron rifle and, through the added use of an ATField, by
Progressive Knives as well.

> And having said that, I think Asuka's arm isn't being split apart
> meat and bone-wise, but the cells' A.T. Fields are being separated
> (References: Remember Rei, later in the film, saying that the A.T.
> is what keeps living matter bound in their forms..), thusly
producing a
> 'pool of primodial soup' effect on the insides of her arm.

We do not know whether the Lance pierces the ATField through any
special property or just sheer energy. Actually, that is beside the
point of the show and therefore left unexplained. In any event, it
just doesn't make much sense per se that she is bandaged since
everybody has 'died' and has therefore been turned into blob at one
point in the movie. It only makes sense in terms of aesthetics and, as
I said, "ends meeting". Visually speaking, it adds drama. We're
talking about a show where, when Asuka jumps with her Eva, her hair is
influenced by some imaginary air resistance that just isn't there.

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